Thursday, June 5, 2014

The LS-B50 Superb Sound Quality by Onkyo

The LS-B50 Superb Sound Quality by Onkyo

Upgrade to Smooth and Immersive 3D Sound

If superb sound quality and easy operation are at the top of your soundbar wish list, the LS-B50 is the way to go. AuraSphere digital signal processing works with a six-channel amplifier, powerful 40 Watt wireless subwoofer, and eight-driver speaker array to seamlessly replace TV audio with rich and enveloping 3D sound. 


There are three sound modes to optimize movies, dialog, or music, and Bluetooth technology for wireless playback of almost any audio source sent from smartphone, tablet, and PC. This sound bar is very easy to install, with just a single cable to connect and a wireless sub you can place almost anywhere. It comes with a wall-mounting kit and an IR flasher for placement on an entertainment unit under your flat-screen display. 

Best of all, the LS-B50 turns on automatically and responds to volume commands from the TV remote, making it exceptionally easy for people of all ages to enjoy. 

Feature of LS-B50

Onkyo ls b50

We bought a Samsung TV and were going to get a samsung sound bar (actually were going to get the Sony HTC-T260H), but we were told we couldn't use one remote. We were told to use the Polk 5000. After listening to it at the store I couldn't bring myself to buy it. The other option was the Onkyo LS-B50.

We got it. Set up was amazingly easy and the system paired itself with the remote instantly. The sound quality was wonderful and the bass was superb. It is in our bedroom which has vaulted ceilings and is 20' x 25'. It definitely filled the room and wasn't even near the high end of the volume. I would highly recommend Onkyo LS-B50 than Polk 5000.


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